Among other things, I am a graphic designer.

I’ve been a designer for over a decade, most of it in the apparel design and garment manufacturing/printing industry. I’ve worked for smaller print shops, international apparel printing and manufacturing companies, and regional-based and national NPOs, doing annual plans and marketing collateral.

From concept to completion, I’m good to go. If you need it done, I done did it. If I don’t already have it done, I’ll get it did so you don’t need to worry about it. I love my work. I love to work. And I’ll do just about anything to make sure I do work.

My interests include but are in no way limited to cartoons with my kids, typography, design, photography, intersectional feminism, zombie and slasher flicks, ‘Macho Man’ impressions, screenprinting in my basement, and hockey.

You can download a copy of my design resumé at the very bottom of this page and then go on over to this page here if you like what you see!

Apparel Design

Paper Goods

Branding & Logowork