Hey there!

My kids think I’m funny.

Unfortunately for me, that’s not exactly the thing that makes a career in voice acting.

But it’s a start.

As soon as my voice changed (sometime around 1994 – thanks, Puberty), I started hearing things like, “Your voice would be perfect for radio!” and, “Have you thought about a career in voice acting?” and, “You’re really good at imitating people, but maybe you should stop making fun of them.” and, “Jeez, Chris, you really can’t say those things, it’s making people uncomfortable.” and, “We’re calling the police.” It’s been a long time coming, but after a 15-year career in graphic design, I’ve decided to satisfy my heart and put my efforts toward, as voice over legend Rob Paulsen says, “… getting paid to do what I got in trouble for in the 7th grade.”

With a little luck and a lot of hard work I’ll change careers and change my life.

Here’s to the future!